Friday, September 27, 2013

Paws Runaway: Animal Print style

One of the must - haves of this autumn is a touch of animal print.

I have to confess that I never liked it so much, but since some time ago I started to use it and I fall in love with it.

Of course you don´t want to dress in animal print from head to toes, but just a touch… adds some colour and glamour to your look…

… and now, if you are going out with your pet, why not to share the glamour with them? Today we present in Whiskers & Lipstick the animal print infinity scarf for pets… but stay tuned, because we are preparing something for you too….

{ Thanks to our handsome model: we loved him!!!}

* The first three pictures are from Pinterest

Furry Lifestyle: Wedding Bandanas

Are you planning your wedding?

You know it won´t be the same without your pet… of course; they are part of our family! So, as long as it is not a stressful situation for your pet, make him/her part of the special day!

Here some fashion ideas from Pinterest, and a picture of our new personalized wedding bandana:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Traveler Paws: Bayview Village Toronto

Toronto, Canada, is till now of the most pet friendly cities I have ever seen. Pets enjoy high quality services, can travel in the public transportation, and enter almost any place you are going.

And one of the places I love the most in Toronto is Bayview Villages Shopping Center: Located on Sheppard Ave and Bayview Ave, this is THE place for fashion and pet lovers.

Sunny, beautiful, luxurious… this mall has it all: amazing shops like Chapters, Restoration Hardware, Belle de Provence, Nine West, Swarovski…. Excellent customer service and irresistible cafes…  that you can enjoy with your furry best friend!

My suggestion? Visit Pusateri´s for a delicious coffee and a Cheese Cake Factory piece of heaven, take it to the tables in the hall where you can seat with your pet and … Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Furry Lifestyle: New Cat Catnip Toys by Whiskers & Lipstick

Delight your cat with this sweet dolls filled with catnip.

The size and weight of the toys are ideal for cats to run after displaying their hunter instinct.
The texture of the felt and the smell of the organic catnip inside will be irresistible for your cat.

Play hide and seek, stimulating your cat to use his/her nose and find the toy. They will love it!

Find them in our Etsy Shop:


Monday, September 16, 2013

Furry Lifestyle: Halloween must-have collection

In just few weeks we will be celebrating Halloween, and this is my first Halloween (in Argentina, where I was living till last year, we don´t celebrate it), so I am very excited planning what to wear, how to decorate home, finding creepy recipes…

The stores in the city are full of Halloween stuff, some are nice and fun, some are really creepy! I think I will decorate home quite conservative this year (no graves or bloody step-prints), I didn’t decide yet, but once I do, I will post the pictures to share It with you.

Today I was browsing Etsy and I discovered this amazing products, I am sure you will love them too!
In this collection I did you will find things for home, things for yourself (as a pet lover) and of course, things for your furry best friend! Enjoy!

1.       Cute Cat Leggings by MustHaveGifts
2.        Yard Skeletons - dog skeleton chasing personskeleton by MetalArchitect

3.       Doe Leather Mask by LovelyLiddy

4.       Cat Top Hat by ToScarboroughFair

5.       Cleaver Ring by Raulsouza

6.       Horror Hand Candle by JohnnyBWildy


Friday, September 13, 2013

Paws Runaway: Making of W&L Photo-Shooting

Today we have been taking photographs for Whiskers & Lipstick.

Our gorgeous models were Simba (a handsome Schnautzer mini) and Ginger (cute lady Pug). They were amazing and the photographs are fabulous!

Visit the album of the Making Of… but be aware: the pics are too cute!!

 Preparing for the shooting...

Sleepy sweet Ginger

Relax between pics


Cute Simba elegant with green bow