Friday, October 25, 2013

The Traveler Paws: sharing the kennel or separate kennels??

My cats will be coming to Toronto in just three days… I can´t believe it! I´m soooo happy!!

But… I still can´t decide what´s better for them: sharing the kennel or separate kennels??

If they come together they will be warmer, and maybe more relaxed as the presence of the other one may be relieving…

On the other hand, if they come in separate kennels there won´t be any risk of fighting (ok, but they never fight…) and they will have each one more space and comfort…

Just in case my mom and sis have two kennels ready, both with absorbent pads, blankets, emergency food plate, tags, papers….
Ah! And we bought for them collars with pheromone, something like Feliway. They had never tried that, I hope it works and makes them feel more calm!

… I can´t decide, I can´t decide! Any suggestions??

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